A Brand NEW Audio Program That Is Destined To Be "THE" Classic Program On Taking A Business To The NEXT LEVEL...

Sy Sperling, the famous “I’m not only the Hair Club president, I’m also a client” guy built a hugely successful business empire from nothing. Other business people have been clamoring for years to have Sy reveal his closely guarded business success secrets with them. However, Sy has to this day never gone public with his deep, "financially delicious" secrets of a $210 million dollar business empire.


With the "How To Succeed In Business…Beyond Your Wildest Dreams" program you'll discover things like:

* How to differentiate your product/service/business from every other out there
* How anyone can make their own infomercial for pennies on the dollar!
* The three little words that will increase response by as much as 1000%!
* The secrets of putting your business on auto-pilot
* How to get millions of dollars worth of FREE publicity
* All the secrets of "emotional direct response marketing"
* The secret of contacting people that can double or triple sales for very little cost!
* How to get your prospects to "JUMP UP AND RESPOND" to your advertising
* How to turn mistakes into big profits
* How to get your prospects to beg you to sell them your product/service
* The secret ways (and contacts) to buy advertising dirt cheap (Sy has purchased tens of millions of dollars of advertising over the years…and he knows more secrets about it than practically any living person)
* The "Million-Dollar Rolodex" on CD (with Sy's and Tim's favorite business contacts generously revealed so you can use their same vendors and contacts)
* And much more!
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  Is Sy Sperling qualified to speak on the subject of succeeding beyond ones wildest dreams? Consider that Sy rose from a childhood of near poverty to create a business that recently sold for $210,000,000. Certainly, that was beyond the wildest dreams of the young Sy Sperling as he was growing up as a rough street fighter in the Bronx.

How did Sy build such an incredible success? He didn’t have impressive formal education. He didn’t have money. He didn’t have those things you’d expect one so successful to start with. He started with a burning desire and a plan, building blocks for success. From the humblest of beginnings and with only a few thousand dollars borrowed against credit cards, Sy Sperling built an international business empire. Unlike businessmen like Donald Trump who inherited wealth, Sy was born to a plumber’s assistant who could barely pay the rent. Sy is a self made millionaire with life experience that can help others save years and years of heartache and mistakes, and make money “beyond their wildest dreams” as well.

Sy has stated, “The impossible is possible if you can see the invisible. I envisioned what I wanted, and learned some great lessons from both mistakes and successes along the way.” In this program, Sy reveals insights into helping YOU accomplish what many would consider impossible.
Is it possible that the man who created monumental success of a business has insider secrets that can help other business owners accelerate the growth of their business? Is it possible that the man whose company made billions of dollars of sales has strategies and proven approaches that can help those who want to start their own businesses? YES...and in this amazing audio program Sy “spills the beans” and reveals some of the most important and different success formulas ever revealed to the public.

With a sense of humor, Sy Sperling is joined in this program by Tim Paulson, a prolific creator of marketing and sales materials that has impacted businesses in scores of different industries. Paulson is the former VP of Hair Club for Men, helping the company develop into the world leader in its field. Paulson is the author or co-author of a variety of audio programs and books, and has shared the stage with some of the most famous business people on the planet.
  In this AMAZING NEW program, Sy Sperling and his co-author Tim Paulson, reveal 15 sessions including...

* “The Toupee Trap™”
* “The Positive PR Paradigm™”
* “The Inside-Out Selling Model™”
* “The Successful Business Start-Up Model™”
* “The Successful TV Commercial Formula™”
* “The Get ‘em to Jump up and Respond Formula™”
* “The Power Print Advertising Approach™”
* “The Direct Mail-Directly to Profits System™”
* “The Next Level Business Expansion Process™”
* “The Telephone Riches Formula™”
* “The Fifteen Minutes of Fame Formula™”
* “The EAR Formula™” & “The Legal Eagle Business Secrets™”
* “The Proper Pricing Paradigm™”
* “The Transforming Mistakes to Cash Process™”

This is NOT your typical formal business program! Sy and Tim are in complete rapport in the program. They each have a unique perspective that provides incredible synergy to “How to Succeed in Business!” You can OWN this program and discover all of the secrets contained therein for less than the cost of a good business suit!
The program is only $129...and is GUARANTEED!
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