Tim Paulson has helped others make MILLIONS of Dollars with their high end coaching programs. For example, Tim has helped Joe Polish sell over $4,000,000 in his "Platinum Plus" coaching program;

Tim has helped Rory Fatt sell over $1,000,000.00 in his high end Coaching Program;

Tim has helped others in the Real Estate industry sell over an additional $2,000,000 in high end coaching memberships.

TIM HAS BEEN PAID UP TO $50,000.00 IN PRIVATE CONSULTING TO REVEAL his secrets to creating a high end coaching fortune.

Now, Tim has created a program where he's "spilled the beans" and revealed everything you need to know to create your own high end coaching fortune.

You CANNOT hire Tim Paulson to reveal the secrets to you personally. However, you can get his brand new program that is helping others create wealth beyond their wild dreams.

All the secrets, all the tools, all the paperwork you need to create your own high end coaching program, included in a THICK Guidebook...9 separate CD recordings...the "$50,000.00 Checklist" (others have paid up to $50,000.00 to get this concise checklist to implementing the program)...transcripts of private, secret recorded sessions, and much more.

Investment: $25,000

Is twenty five grand a little or a lot? It may seem like a lot, until you realize Tim teaches you how to get a flood of your clients paying you $10,000.00 a year EACH! Others have paid Tim up to $50,000.00 to discover these secrets. They've been willing to pay fifty-grand because they have been able to take the information he has revealed to them and made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!
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Terry Wygal
The "Quick House Buyer"

  Here's some of the proof:

"Tim Paulson Helped Me Make Over $2,300,000...in just 6 days!"
~ Rory Fatt, Restaurant Marketing Systems

"We made $640,000 in one weekend with Tim Paulson's expertise."
~ Ted Thomas, Jones & Trevor Marketing, Merit Island, FL.

"Tim Paulson is THE MAN! I only had a day and a half to learn his wealth creation secrets, and I then turned his secrets into $150,000!"
~ Mark Sumpter,Roytown,MO

"I created and then DOUBLED the number of members in my $10,000.00 per person coaching program with the 'Anatomy of a Million-Dollar High End Coaching Model' program! Thanks Tim!"
~ Mike Crow, "Millionaire Inspector Community," Ft. Worth, TX

"Tim -
Simply Brilliant! This program is the road map to riches for anyone serious about making HUGE sums of money in coaching. We'll do over $500,000 in coaching this year...and we are just getting started! Thanks!"
~ Ed O'Keefe, Dentist Profits
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